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Lady enjoying training on a laptop

game based learning

game based learning creates interactive content and materials for learning, training, and education by using computer game techniques.


game based learning has talked with a diverse range of companies interested in using games in their approach to training.

We have discussed 'training' customers in terms of brand awareness, training staff through induction or health and safety, or even using games for training and shaping social behaviours.

Much of our discussion involves looking at how to engage people in a memorable and interactive way. Games based learning and training is an ideal platform which promotes revisiting material through replay value, delivers an interactive environment that improves retention of knowledge and also manages metrics not only in the recording of results but also showing how people arrived at these results.

A game environment for a topic such as health and safety, can create a opportunity for people to identify problems, corrective action and best practise rather than simply learn from a book or tell and test format.


game based learning has recently decided to look at the Education sector in terms of creating interactive materials to support teachers at all levels of education.

This has come about in response to people contacting us and asking if we provide support materials for teachers from Preschools right through to College and University education.

As a result, game based learning will create a suite of content for a variety of platforms including iPhones and iPod Touch, Interactive whiteboards, Flash based classroom materials and standalone games.

Our intention is to create materials which supplement rather than replace.

If you have an interest in working with us to create course or education materials please do not hesitate to contact us.